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GeoHelpSupport (Livin Green)
12/06/13 03:15 PM 
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GeoHelpSupport (Livin Green)
Coming out of stealth mode ! We are presenting GeoHelp at the MIT Enterprise Forum. Join us !
10/20/12 10:31 AM 
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GeoHelpSupport (Livin Green)
Mobile is in "TROUBLE" ! Business and customers can't engage because we lose our privacy, we get hit by spam, and our phones are filled with clutter ! And the mobile revolution has JUST BEGUN!
10/10/12 06:34 PM 
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is there a new build ?
09/11/12 03:50 PM 
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Can I try it? I'll use it 24 hrs a day!
09/10/12 05:12 AM 
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A new app build is being tested! Adds twitter video attachments.
09/10/12 05:10 AM 
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bluesbrother Still trying to remember to use comments instead of posts!
09/10/12 05:13 AM 
GeoHelpSupport (Livin Green)
We've been spending a lot of time working on our database. A new feature is the addition of business owner information (nyse, nasdaq, ETC) AND MOBILE APP LINKS to many thousands of listed businesses !
08/22/12 09:44 AM 
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GeoHelpSupport (Livin Green)
Interesting mobile marketing video !
03/26/12 10:01 PM 
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GeoHelpSupport (Livin Green)
Attached is an article about "location sharing"... these products let people "find friends in a crowd". GeoHelp has nothing to do with that concept, we are all about location privacy.
03/09/12 09:37 AM 
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GeoHelpSupport (Livin Green)
Geohelp uses checkins for "loyalty rewards". These are a thank you from member businesses (not a game). Since people ask... here is a video about Foursquare (the game !) Does anyone have some mobile marketing videos to share ?????
09/28/11 03:58 AM 
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GeoHelpSupport A great video with lots of mobile statistics...
03/09/12 07:58 AM 
Some interesting statistics about mobile
01/12/12 04:11 PM 
bluesbrother This is an interesting video about mobile marketing...
01/12/12 04:09 PM 
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